Friday, May 16, 2008

Holy Guacamole

I meant to post on Sunday. Really I did. I just ran out of time and then never got around to posting. I guess I'm an erratic blogger. Sorry.

It was a rather memorable mother's day. Jeff made my favorite Belgian waffles, with strawberries and we arrived to church half an hour early. Then Jared exploded with a guacamole diaper that went up, down, and out, plastering his pants and shirt. I took him home. I gave him a bath. We tried church again. He didn't explode this time. In fact, he was a rather pleasant little fellow and I arrived in time to hear the four middle children sing 'Mother I love you' and 'Mother dear I love you so.' Trevor and the other older boys passed out mums (ha ha, someone has a sense of humor). And then we came home and I took a nap. Dinner was the oh-so-delicious meal of marinated shish kebabs and Angel Food Cake. Yum.

I'm sure Monday followed, but I have no recollection of it. In fact, I can hardly believe it's Friday again. The week passed in a blur. I think time is speeding up. Of course, it always speeds up at the end of the school year. So many activities, meetings, and assemblies crammed into such a short period of time.

I do remember taking Lindsey shopping for a bathing suit. I was appalled at the skanky bikinis they offered for twelve year olds. HELLO! Twelve year olds are NOT supposed to wear things like that. No one should really, unless it's in their bedroom. The college girls here haven't figured that out. They wear the worst clothes. No style, all sleaze. Hopefully, fashion designers will make a move toward style soon. Wouldn't it be nice to browse a fashion magazine and - gasp! - the models are wearing clothes! Funny how fashion magazines feature hardly any clothes at all. I read a book like that when I was a kid, it was called The Emperor's New Clothes. Good thing I can sew. Even if I don't very often, at least I can. I hear prom dresses are even tougher to find than bathing suits - unless you're willing to use the Emperor's tailor.


Diane said...

I don't know what is worse... I took Addie to buy a swimsuit at Hapari (one of a couple modest tankini stores here in Utah county). The tops were $70 and the bottoms were $30. The suit was perfect and looked so cute on her but I could not justify spending $100 on a swimsuit for a 14 year old who swims everyday and can wear out a suit in a month. This is our dilemma every Summer! We may end up altering a bikini like we did last year. It turned out cute, modest and was a lot cheaper!
Good Luck, Jen!

Linnea said...

I thought my sewing days were over until I went looking for a modest formal for AnnElyse to wear to prom. It is amazing how much they charge for half a dress -- you'd think they'd at least include extra fabric to make the top they never got around to including. I have learned to master the art of the bolero...