Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It's like Siberia outside. At -12 with the windchill, we aren't venturing out much. We have ice on the INSIDES of the windows in the house we're living in and there's a pretty stiff breeze blowing through the frames too (the seals, if they ever existed, are bad). I'm dreading my electric bill.

On the up side, the windows of our new house are excellent, and there's no breeze blowing through them even without siding, sheetrock, or insulation. Now if I can just get the HVAC installer to get moving with the ductwork, the electrician will come in right after. The power company tied our line into the grid today in balmy eleven degree weather. I felt so bad for them having to be out in the cold, but then I remembered that they're charging me $5,000 to do it, and suddenly felt much less sympathetic.

The HVAC installers were supposed to be there too, but they didn't show. I've learned a lot about how good communication makes everything go smoother during construction, unfortunately, my HVAC installers haven't learned this yet. They'd better call me back tomorrow, or I'll hunt them down and it won't be pretty.

Anyhow, Trevor turned the big 1-5 yesterday. We just had a quiet family celebration with clam chowder, rolls, grapes and German chocolate cake. Jeff took Trevor out driving. Six months and he gets his license, yikes!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A dish of humble pie

The house is further along than this picture, but I forgot my camera all week and then when I remembered it, the batteries were dead. And that's just about how the last two weeks have gone. I've been trying SO HARD to make everything work, but Murphy's Law keeps interfering. Anyhow, the good news is that the last window was installed just as the flakes started falling on Friday and we are more or less dried in. Now if the Tyvek will just stay on. Jeff spent all day Saturday securing the part that blew off during the storm Friday night. 3000 staples later, it better not budge. However, I'm not sure if it's waterproof anymore either. The plumber finished his rough plumbing on Thursday and the electrician arrives tomorrow - if he can make it up the hill through the snow drifts.

Jared reached a new record for destruction this week. He climbed a shelf and grabbed Trevor's hunting knife. He then proceeded to attack the LCD screen of our TV. He's still alive. Okay, that's an exaggeration, I didn't hurt him, I didn't even spank. I felt like it though. It was all I could do to quietly take the knife and walk away until I calmed down. But between him and issues with our house-building project, I nearly went over the edge. Thankfully, Jeff pulled me back and I'm more or less dealing with things in a positive way again. However, if any of you want a toddler for a week, or a month (heck, we could even try two), give me a call. And please, tell him in a decade or so that he needs to buy us a new TV. But in the mean time, no more sword-fighting shows for that kid.

I really appreciate the calls, prayers, and support from those of you who helped me through the challenges of the last two weeks. I thought I could manage everything on my own, and each day was a new helping of humble pie. I'm sure it was good for me - like liver, and bananas - but I don't like them either. Ah well, what doesn' t kill me will make me stronger, right? I'll post more pics tomorrow. Trevor turns 15.