Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It's like Siberia outside. At -12 with the windchill, we aren't venturing out much. We have ice on the INSIDES of the windows in the house we're living in and there's a pretty stiff breeze blowing through the frames too (the seals, if they ever existed, are bad). I'm dreading my electric bill.

On the up side, the windows of our new house are excellent, and there's no breeze blowing through them even without siding, sheetrock, or insulation. Now if I can just get the HVAC installer to get moving with the ductwork, the electrician will come in right after. The power company tied our line into the grid today in balmy eleven degree weather. I felt so bad for them having to be out in the cold, but then I remembered that they're charging me $5,000 to do it, and suddenly felt much less sympathetic.

The HVAC installers were supposed to be there too, but they didn't show. I've learned a lot about how good communication makes everything go smoother during construction, unfortunately, my HVAC installers haven't learned this yet. They'd better call me back tomorrow, or I'll hunt them down and it won't be pretty.

Anyhow, Trevor turned the big 1-5 yesterday. We just had a quiet family celebration with clam chowder, rolls, grapes and German chocolate cake. Jeff took Trevor out driving. Six months and he gets his license, yikes!