Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well blues

Ah, the joys of general contracting your own home.... HA! Good thing I didn't expect it to be smooth, because last week certainly wasn't, although there was some progress. We now have our address and building permit (yehaw!) and started on our well. I say started, because the well drilling rig has been sitting there since Thursday. He drilled down through soil, basalt, a little layer of insufficient water and is now deep in really wet alluvial sand and has been for three days. He stopped at 125 feet because he wanted me to tell him whether to keep drilling or pull up the bit and drill somewhere else. When he said that I stared at him in blank shock. Me? Tell him what to do? Right, as if I have a clue. He's supposed to be the expert. However, after looking at the well driller's report, I realize that all our neighbors with wells in the same area as ours have casing depths of 155-200 feet, so we have a ways to go yet. So we will forge ahead and hope there's drinkable water somewhere below the quicksand.

I wish I could post the floorplan, but the pdfs aren't uploadable to my blog. Bummer. I love the plan and can visualize our home already. I found a screaming deal on nearly new hard rock maple flooring that was salvaged from a recently laid gym floor that needed foundation work. So now we'll have hardwood everywhere because I bought it for 1.90 per square foot which is about half the price of carpet. Of course, Jeff and I have to install it, but since we already know how, it shouldn't be a problem. So that was my victory purchase for the week. Bargain shopping an entire house is rather fun;)