Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Yes, I'm a complete sap. I heard the song Godspeed, Sweet Dreams by the Dixie Chicks and started tearing up. I love it. It captures a little of what I feel when I tuck my boys in every night. I've posted a link below. Don't look at Natalie Maynes' weird punk-rocker get up, just listen to her amazing voice singing this prayer.

Anyhow, the snow is melting and we're supposed to have sunny skies this week. YAY! That means our roof might get finished. The electricians show up tomorrow and my new HVAC installer started last Thursday. So by the end of the week, our house should be roughed in. I'll post pics as soon as I replace my camera's batteries and keep you posted.


Diane said...

What a sweet song. I was also glad that one of my fav Dixie Chicks songs was after that one ("Landslide"). I know it is originally sung by Stevie Nicks but I like The DC version a little bit better. I am glad to see the sun is shining on the building of your home. You guys are thought of often!