Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warm fuzzies

Here's one of the stacks of insulation delivered to our house yesterday. As the installers sealed the windows and filled the cracks, I just smiled. I think I drove the crew crazy pointing out places they missed with the expanding foam, but hey, it's my house and my dime, so it had better be done right. Right? After a winter of freezing in this old uninsulated farm house, I am so ready to move into one that will be warm. I felt warm and fuzzy today just seeing those lovely R-38 batts go into the ceiling.

The drywall will be delivered on Thursday and the siding contractor tells me he will be done on Friday, so we're moving along. The biggest problem is that we still don't have power to the house because the power company can't put it in until all the snow is melted and the mud has dried out. So if everyone could pray for an unusually warm dry spell early in March, I'd appreciate it. I still haven't figured out how to control the weather;) But maybe the Lord will bless us with a cooperative forecast.

I learned something new about garages last week. Standard eight foot garage door openings don't work for large pick up trucks (like Jeff's) or large SUV's like the Sequoia we're hoping to trade our van in for.


I had someone come out and give me bid to install our garage doors and after seeing me bounce up the gravel drive in Jeff's truck, he told me it wouldn't fit in the garage. So I measured, and yep, sure enough, Jeff's truck measured 7'11" from mirror to mirror and the garage door opening was 8'. So Saturday and Monday Jeff and I had the dubious pleasure of removing the header, cutting the foundation and enlarging the garage door openings. It was an absolute pain, but I figure in the long run, it will be worth it. Otherwise, we (okay, probably me) would've smashed a lot of side mirrors. But at least we found out before the siding was finished. It would've been worse to fix later.


Diane said...

Don't even look at my driver's side mirror. It is a mess! I wish that I had had the same foresight when our home was built. LUCKY YOU!

Kim Thacker said...

Your house is looking beautiful! You'll be toasty warm next winter. And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY!!!!