Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me - and Will

I really wasn't looking forward to this birthday. Maybe its because Trevor is driving now and I'm not really sure how the last decade flew by, maybe it's just a byproduct of stress, or maybe it's all those wrinkles that just appeared out of nowhere, but thirty-seven suddenly seemed very old. Evan informed me that we didn't have enough candles for my cake so I needed to buy a couple more boxes and with the miserably wet, cold weather, I wanted to curl up in bed and hide until Thursday.

But then I woke up to a glorious sunshiny day complete with breakfast in bed and decided that it was going to be a good day after all. I mean, how often does a mom get Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream served to her without getting out of bed, and on a Wednesday too? Not very. Yep, Jeff's a keeper. He also gave me the most amazing printer. I love it. It's so much easier to use than my recently broken-beyond-repair printer that's been slowing dying for a year. It also has some cool features like photo printing right from the memory card and wireless printing from my laptop - no more plugs to jockey. Yay!

Then I spent the rest of the day catching up with friends, reading My Fair Godmother (a really cute book), eating my favorite foods, and ordering cabinets for my house.

And then I got the call telling me that I had a new nephew. So Will and I share a birthday now - Happy Birthday to us!

So thanks everybody. Your friendship and love made my day, and week, and month. Well, my whole life actually. It would be a lonely life indeed without such wonderful people to share it with.


Diane said...

You deserve it, Jen!

Rachel said...

I wanted to call you so bad!!! I was thinking about you all day. I'm glad it was enjoyable. Love you, miss you, and will see you soon.

Linnea said...

I'm so glad you had a happy birthday. Looking back, 37 was a pretty good year. You have a lot to look forward too ... and it's really not that old :)