Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday gift of Spring

The gift of Spring graced Jeff and Jared's birthday. I baked a cake in the morning and then we enjoyed the sunny, sixty degree afternoon in the park. After I unbuckled Jared, he ran toward the park with that delirious glee that only children seem capable of. I could hardly take any pictures because as soon as I focused, he darted from the frame. I never did learn how to take action shots. Nathan was pretty excited too. Jared was yelping "go, go, go" when I took this picture, he didn't like being held back. I got off a few more snapshots and then my camera's batteries died. Figures. We finally have a beautiful day and I can't capture it in pixels so I'll have to capture it in memory. It was so wonderful to be outside without freezing for a change.

Jared didn't get the whole gift thing when it came to the party. He happily played with the sunglasses Lindsey gave him while his siblings showed him how to unwrap the other packages. He became interested pretty quick once he realized that they held goodies like a Spiderman play hut, a ride-on Winnie the Pooh airplane, Spiderman pajamas and a Superman bed quilt. Notice a theme? Yes, sad to say, but my two year old has a superhero fixation thanks to his older brothers. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman figure prominently in his eleven word vocabulary along with binky, bottle (code for sippy cup), cookie, go, eat, mine, dad and mom. Hopefully, not in that priority order.

Jeff worked, came home to eat a steak dinner, and worked some more. He was behind because he went with Lindsey and Tyler on their field trip to the fish hatchery. The hatchery was interesting (apparently agonizing too, Jeff said the fish they harvested the eggs from were huge), but the work still had to get done. At least he had the chance to enjoy his evening. Thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday boys. Jeff loved Diane's blog post with his favorite song and we had a good laugh over the dated video. For anyone who'd like to see it, check it out at:


lesly said...

you are sooo hip now, Jen! I don't even have one of these and i'm married to mr technology himself. keep it coming!
PS: Jonah turned one two wknds ago..where does the time go?