Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

We're turning sweet sixteen today! Yep, that's right, today is our sixteenth wedding anniversary. It could be sweeter though, Jeff left for Dallas at 5 am. But oh well. Here's hoping the whole year is a good one. Here's the wish list: 1. our house in Ohio sells, 2. our house in Ohio sells, and 3. our house in Ohio sells. So, it's going to sell. Ah, the power of wishful thinking, or is that delusional thinking? Hmmm.....not sure anymore.

Looking back, the last sixteen years went by so fast (except for the last eight months). And although there are days I feel like I don't get anything done except get dressed, get the kids off to school, and complete a few household chores, when I look back in aggregate, we've actually accomplished quite a lot. I think I should make lists more often. I get the stuff done anyhow, but then I remember that I did it and feel good about it. So here's what I'm feeling good about right now:

In sixteen years of marriage we:
1. earned four degrees between us,
2. welcomed six children into our family,
3. managed to house, clothe, and feed said children despite being poor students for eight of those sixteen years,
4. moved ourselves eleven times without breaking our backs or anything else irreplaceable,
5. succeeded at loving one another through good times and bad, with the result that we love each other more now than we did on the day we married,
6. have been blessed with excellent health and DNA that keeps us looking younger than we are, and
7. are looking forward to the next sixteen!


Sirpa said...

Congratulations!!! May the next 16 years bring many more wonderful accomplishments and experiences... and may your HOUSE SELL!!!

Beverly said...

WOW! What a lot you have accomplished in just 16 years...I think it is time for a nap! We are so glad Jeff brought you into the family and that through your hard work you have increased in love for one another. Many happy years ahead! Love, Mom and Dad