Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Picture

We FINALLY took a new family picture. The one on our wall is two years old, but Jared did sit still for that one. Today he just wanted to run, run, run. Not that I blame him. It was a glorious autumn day here. An hour after the photo session, however, we were in the emergency room. He split open his chin. The doctor used durabond instead of stitches and we came home. Within an hour, it was split and bleeding again. Instead of blowing another $100 in the emergency room, Jeff steri-stripped it and we tucked him into bed. We hope he'll leave it on, but if not, you can tell him the scar is his own fault if he ever complains about it.


Linnea said...

Love your family picture. Ironically we just took a new family picture this past weekend, too. (Time to update and include the newest baby...) You can see it on our blog.

Taylor's said...

Jen - I found your blog from your sister's Rachel. I love the family picture. I can't believe how big your family is and how much all the Beasley siblings still look the same as when my family lived in Sterling and we were backyard neighbors!

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