Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Hole in a Hill

Construction has started! The basement has been excavated and the footings poured. The forms for the basement walls are going up and should be poured next week. Oh, and my chicken coop slab is almost done. That's right, chicken coop. Now for all of you laughing just at the thought of me raising chickens, I understand. Really, I do. Laugh away. My sister said that she always thought of me as the urban type and couldn't picture me in the country. Honestly, that was the same thought I had for myself for a long time. Perhaps time has changed me, or maybe I've just come to appreciate different approaches to living. Cities are exciting with lots to do, but country life also has its charms. Having lived in both large cities and rural communities, I now find myself avoiding city noise and traffic in favor of hearing the cry of hawks and wind in the trees. Besides, I much prefer a five minute commute where the only traffic backups are caused by farm equipment over the Beltway rat race my parents contend with every day. I think our community is the best kept secret in the country and as I look at the hole we've dug at the top of the hill, I can hardly wait to live there.


sirpa said...

Are you wearing steel toe shoes? You look so handy -girl JOE..nna like '') Those construction guys will put you to work on the house soon... '*) - of course you could talk the price of the building contract down then too. '')
Good job on the coop frame!! Oh, the view is amazing!! I hope the chickens will appreciate it!! '') Your home will really be in a beautiful spot looking over all those hills.