Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Already?

What happened to summer? Not that I'm complaining exactly. After all, August means that my darling children will soon be back in school instead of trashing the house all day long. But what happened to the last two months? It seems like I blinked and they're gone. Is there some time contraction theory that explains this? I remember summers that stretched on and on. Of course, I was a kid then, but somehow, I had it in my head that I would get so much done this summer and I haven't. Or maybe it's just that it hasn't felt like summer here. We've only used our air conditioner twice. The days rarely hit above eighty and the nights are cool. Now I love this temperature arrangement, so like I said, I'm really not complaining, but it doesn't seem very summery. And there are things I love about summer. But as I think of those things, I realize that maybe the reason it hasn't seemed like summer is because I haven't experienced many of my favorite parts of the season this year. Aha! There's my problem. So for me, an ideal summer requires the following:
1. Less demanding schedule (Okay, so that didn't happen this year).
2. Ripe home grown tomatoes (Ours are still green).
3. Relaxing at the pool (I'm not polar bear enough for this summer's temps).
4. Grilled dinner eaten outside with watermelon (No idea why we didn't manage this one).
5. Reading lots of books, just for fun (Technical editing, manuscripts, and blueprints don't count).
6. Hanging out with friends (What friends? Oh yeah, they mostly took off for the summer or live out of state).
7. Fun vacation (We did get this one in).
8. Frequent date nights (Haven't managed a date since June).
9. Good movies (Did any good movies even come out this summer? The last one I saw at the theater was Prince Caspian in May).
10. Bouquets of flowers from my garden (Sniff, I'm sure the new owners of my house in Ohio are loving all the flowers I planted).