Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mercury Rising

Never, ever, will I again complain about summers here not feeling summery enough. After that misguided post where I said that it didn't feel like summer here, the thermometer blazed up from 75 to 95 degrees within 24 hours. It's been hot ever since. Now to be fair, it does cool off every evening. But every morning, the mercury in our porch thermometer rises with the sun and the days are LONG here at this latitude. Ah, well. Here's hoping that summer lasts until October so we can get the roof on our house before winter hits.
In home construction news. I got all the sub-contractor bids to the bank last week and have just three little documents to submit tomorrow and then we should be good to close the construction loan. YAY! It's been a LOT of work to gather all the information they wanted, but at this point, I've picked out and priced most of the items that will go in the house, so I have a very clear mental picture of what it should all look like in the end. Yes, I do love the cape cod style. However, since this house is being planned for the way we live, it will have a main floor laundry, a fireplace, a covered front porch, double sink bathrooms, and nine foot ceilings. It won't have the cool mansard roof garage, because I didn't want to sink a lot of extra money for custom framing and roofing, so use your imagination to picture a regular gabled roof like the main part of the house with one dormer window. But it should look much the same otherwise with white siding, grey roof, and green shutters. Lindsey thinks I'm lacking creativity with the color scheme. I countered that it's a classic look and I'm not into fads. She can paint her house purple with aqua trim if she wants to, but not me. Now that the planning stage is ending, I'm getting excited to start. I have the excavator and foundation contractors all lined up and will call the well digger this week. Yehaw! Let the fun begin!


Rena said...

I am very excited for you. I thought of you yesterday in Relief Society. A new sister in the ward had some good news to share. There home in Michigan finally had an offer after a year of waiting. Hope this adventure with the new house goes smooth for you.

Diane said...

WOW! I love your new house! I can't wait to hear how it progresses over the months!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a dream house to me colors included! I'm so happy that it is all working out for you!