Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mud, guts, and more

Here's where the house was as of Friday. It was really muddy (yes, we had more rain) so sorry about the bad camera angle. Cute port-a-potty, huh? We had to brace it because the wind kept knocking it over. Anyhow, the roof should be sheathed before Thanksgiving and once the Tyvek and roof felt are on, the plumber, HVAC installers, woodburning stove, and electrician can all come in. The roofer will start on Friday if the weather holds. So far, we've been blessed with fairly good fall weather and I'm still hoping to get dried in before the snow flies. Here's a shot of the back of the house taken on Tuesday before the garage trusses arrived. Life has been busy - like always - and filled with unexpected complications. Like that fact that our septic outlet line was accidentally crushed and now has to be replaced and we've been taking turns being sick. My turn came yesterday and today. I haven't gotten enough sleep lately, so I guess it was inevitable, but I'm anxious to get my energy back and for my headache to go away.

Jeff and Trevor went hunting last week and the friend they went with shot a buck. Jeff and Trevor are going back to try for one of their own. It's too bad they didn't buy an elk tag. We discovered a large swath of hoofprints not 200 yards from our new house. Jeff waited around yesterday to find out what animal made them and found himself being stared down by about twenty elk. They were all female, but the males can't be that far away.

Lindsey and I saw Twilight on Friday. She didn't like it nearly as much as the book. I thought the book was better, but liked the movie too. The casting was excellent. I just wish they had cut some of the cheesy dialog.


Diane said...

Addie and I had fun watching it but we thought it was weird that Edward called her a "spider monkey". I am glad that your home is really coming along. It looks great! Get feeling better and have a yummy Thanksgiving!