Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vader and Yoda (aka Jasper and Edward)

Meet the newest members of our family. Yes, they're adorable and so funny. They wrestle and chase each other and generally act like the boys that they are. What to call them though. Hmmm. That's been an issue. You see, Lindsey is all Twilight crazed and counting down to the movie release. So to her, the black one is Jasper and the tabby is Edward (I suggested Emmett, but no one agreed with me). However, since we live in a testosterone saturated house and are outnumbered three to one, Lindsey and I lost the name vote. So the black cat is Vader and the tabby is Yoda, but Lindsey and I never call them by those names. The really weird thing is that Jeff and Trevor actually like them (although they won't admit it). The kittens were cuddled in Jeff's lap when I snapped the pic.

Construction is going slow, but it is going. If only it would STOP RAINING! Ugh. Two solid weeks of the wet stuff with temperatures hovering within ten degrees above freezing. I think I need to give our framers a Christmas bonus. The joists should be up this week and the roof arrives on Friday. Of course, plans may change if the mud slick that is our construction site becomes a swamp.