Sunday, November 30, 2008


Rain, rain, go AWAY! Ugh! Our construction site is a bog. The mud is three feet deep in some areas with more rain forecasted. I wish our roof was on. Right now it's about half-way done. If we can get the house completely sheathed, then maybe I won't have to keep vacuuming out the pond that keeps forming in our basement. The windows arrive tomorrow, so I'm hoping the roof and wall sheathing will get done and wrapped so the windows can be installed this week. But we'll see.

Here's where the house was at on Tuesday. More of the back roof sheathing has been done since this shot was taken as well as the interior stairs from the main level to the upper level. I'm constantly surprised at how much things cost. When did everything get so ridiculously expensive? See this large piece of equipment? It's called a Grade-All and rents for $360 per day. Isn't that crazy? I'm just really hoping we won't need it again.

Thanksgiving was delicious, but relatively quiet. I think we needed a quiet day. Thank you Diane for sending the recipe for your fantastic artichoke dip. It was delicious. We were humbled to reflect on the bounteous blessings the Lord has given us. We are grateful to have such wonderful friends and family who so greatly enrich our lives.